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Paint Method

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 02:24 AM

My main problem; i can get the paint method to work. i've used it with my teacher in my programming class but there we use school computers with the stuff pre-made by our teach. I've recently downloaded JCreator Pro and ive managed a few basic things like a calculator and a madlibs for fun :D. i even made a guess the number game on my own!!

So now i feel like i need to use the paint method a bit, so maybe i can chamge the text or use text file pictures, etc. the problem is at school its always been premade, out teacher never taught us how to make the paint method, i feel like im stuck on square one :(.

My freind gave me a code that doesnt quite work;

System.setProperty("info.gridworld.gui.watermark", "hide");

//Double Buffer -- fast graphics
// Faster graphics with page swap
Image myScreen;
public void paint(Graphics pen)
        myScreen =createImage(getSize().width,getSize().height);
        Graphics screen = myScreen.getGraphics();
public void doubleBuffer(Graphics pen)  // for fast graphics
      //Draw all graphics (screen) here

note, i reverted the code to its origional form because i think you people might have a better time interpretting what my frind mean by all this. @.@ i am a newbie...

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 10:48 AM

What your friend gave you is code for double buffered drawing.
You can find more info on it here: http://docs.oracle.c...doublebuf.html.

For a drawing tutorial go here: http://docs.oracle.c.../2d/index.html.

You should also ask yourself if you really need to draw things yourself.
If it's just for images, showing text, menu's, etc you're better off just using Swing: http://docs.oracle.c...orial/uiswing/.