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Posted 20 April 2012 - 04:54 AM

So, I guess most people have noticed, probably more often on slow computers, that when you run extremely demanding programs (99% of the times we are talking about loops), JCreator stops responding until the demanding part is done, and then starts responding again. Also, on all computers I code on, JCreator crashes when you try to stop one of these demanding operations before they are done.

But then, recently, while working on one of these very demanding programs, JCreator DID NOT stop responding when I started it. But it didn't say process completed either. So now im wondering what is going on. Is it running? Did i mess up with my coding? I have no idea, and JCreator does not tell me what it is doing. So my suggestion would be that it says something like "running" when it is running, and a percentage showing how processing power used would be really amazing, and save me hours.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm talking down on this program, but it is really great, and I get what I should expect when running programs of this size on it :)