March 3, 2005
XTPTaskPanelItemAllowDrag enumerator added for TaskPanel drag operations
CXTPPropExchangeEnumerator added to enumerate child sections for XML node
CXTPTaskPanel::SetSingleSelection added to allow only one item to be selected in Task Panel; XTP_TPN_FOCUSEDITEMCHANGED notification added
Fixed bug in CXTPStatusBarIconPane::SetPaneIcon that did not destroy the icon if it already existed. Added DestroyIcon to CXTPStatusBarIconPane::SetPaneIcon to fix memory leak.
Fixed a few bugs in the Grep sample that would allow a blank popup to be displayed that would not go away, and a bug that caused text in the list to overlap.
Fixed a bug in the Multi-Language Scribble sample that would cause an assertion error when Arabic was selected as the language and a menu item was selected.

- Solved: Compatibility issue with Win95/98/ME.
- Solved: The ant view was not correctly updated during the initialization of the workspace

- Solved: Having three dots in the code (e.g. 'frame...' ) resulted in a lock-up.
- Solved: Improved the procedure for automatically inserting braces.
- Solved: Issue related to deleting a directory branch via the File View.
- Solved: Modification to the XML syntax definition file to improve support for CDATA sections.
- Solved: In some cases the cursor was not positioned correctly when scrolling.
- Solved: JCreator now recognizes FireFox as default external browser.
- Solved: API JavaDoc feature didn't work properly when generated java docs.
- Solved: Issue related to saving utf-8 files with the unicode version of JCreator.


- Find in Files - Selecting the parent directory via the File View.

- Solved: Crash issue which occurred when the cursor was linked to the data view.
- Solved: Find in Files - Couldn't select parent directory after searching a child directory.
- Solved: In some cases the cursor was not positioned correctly when scrolling.
- Solved: The compiler option for building the modified files didn't work.

- Solved: Find by Symbol didn't work for methods without parameters.
- Solved: The options pane for custom tools now has a correct label.
- Solved: Inserting macros for defining the command line of tools could result in a crash.
- Solved: The dataview option 'sort members' didn't work in combination with 'sort by type'.

- Solved: 'Out of Memory' issue when creating new files.
- Solved: The dataview option 'hide non-public members' didn't work for nested classes.
- Solved: Packages created by the classwizard were displayed as empty folders in the fileview.

- Solved: Bracket hightlighting now works as expected.
- Solved: Added sort by type for the data view.
- Solved: The method argument String... args is now correctly recognized by the data view.
- Solved: The JDK Help didn't display generic types under all circumstances.
- Solved: Solved freeze problem related to the code-completion.
- Solved: JCreator now correctly reads UTF8 files.
- Solved: Horizontal scrolling caused painting problems.

- Solved: Bracket hightlighting didn't work accordingly.
- Solved: 'Add Member Variable...' via the package view didn't work.
- Solved: Issue related to the find and replace functionality.
- Solved: Access violation error when using the properties command in the fileview.
- Solved: Incorrect behavior of the implement interface tool when implementing an interface on a class that extends a generic class.
- Solved: Taskview skipped the first item when using the next command.
- Solved: The commands next and previous window didn't work.
- Solved: Refresh issue when having duplicated windows in the workspace.

- Solved: It was not possible to save the custom tool settings in the unicode build of JCreator.
- Solved: Error messages regarding invalid paths for the color syntax files.
- Solved: The debugger didn't work in the unicode build of JCreator.
- Solved: Find and Replace didn't work for all open documents.
- Solved: JDK Help didn't work in combination with generic types (JSDK1.5).

21 June 2004

- Solved: The first task list entry was skipped when using the iteration command (F4 key).

4 May 2004

- Solved: In some cases the auto-hide pin button disappeared from the docking views.
- Solved: Code completion for JSP scriplets didn't work properly in combination with multi line comments.
- Solved: Crash issue related to 'compile file' when working without a project environment.
- Solved: Flickering problem of the DataView.

23 april 2004

- Solved: Code completion didn't display the private members under some conditions.

15 april 2004

- Solved: Update issue regarding the data view.
- Solved: Parameter info popups were disabled for JSP code completion.
- Solved: Code completion for JSP scriplets didn't work properly in combination with comments.

7 april 2004

- Solved: The option 'set methods' of the bean wizard only worked in combination with the option 'get methods'.
- Solved: Ant build scripts will now also show up in the ANT view if the name attribute field is not defined.
- Solved: An error related to running the clean target of a build script.
- Solved: Pressing the cancel button of the parameters input dialog will now abort the Run Application process.
- Solved: Switching between fullscreen mode resulted in the duplication of the custom toolbars.
- Solved: The editor didn't always reload the document as result of an external overwrite action.
- Solved: Performance improvements regarding starting build and run processes.
- Solved: Incorrect tab sequence of the Find in Files dialog.


- The file view has now the option to highlight the items which are not synchronized with the version control repository.


- Added support for the JSDK 1.5 Tiger language.
- The version control commands are now also available via the context menu of the active project.
- The cvs root string can be edited manually to support additional protocols.

19 januari 2004

- Solved: Find command didn't work properly in the internal browser.
- Solved: The customize settings were not always persistent.
- Solved: A crash related to moving archive files in the file view.
- Solved: A rare crash related to the code-completion.
- Solved: In some cases the code-completion displayed the same package twice.
- Solved: Creating a new application run time configuration, brought up the wrong settings window.
- Solved: Switching tabs of docked views didn't update the caption bar text. (Windows® 98)
- Solved: Focus issue related to the Find/Replace window.


- The full screen mode has been improved.
- Some minor tweaks to the user interface appearance.
- Registration information also appears in the About box.
- The auto bracket insertion can now be configured in the 'documents' options pane.

16 december 2003

- Solved: Startup error caused by a missing dll procedure. (Windows® 95)
- Solved: Crash issue related to GE2001.exe. (Windows NT®)
- Solved: Improved the performance during the initial startup of a new project.
- Solved: The feature 'Next Bookmark' didn't work properly.
- Solved: The settings of the ANT View are now stored between sessions.
- Solved: Issue related to HTML / JSP documents with JavaScript sections.
- Solved: Issue regarding customizable toolbar icons.
- Solved: Issue related to a corrupt cache file, effecting the Data View, Package View and build functions.


- You can now re assign keyboard shortcuts without the requirement to delete them first.

9 december 2003

- Solved: Interrupting a tool didn't not stop the child process. (Windows XP®/Windows NT®)
- Solved: CVS commands have now configurable shortcuts.
- Solved: The "Adding existing files" command didn't work properly.
- Solved: The parser delay sliders of the option dialog now have a fixed minimum of 100ms.
- Solved: Too many single line comments disabled folding.
- Solved: Couldn't create two files one after the other with the New File Wizard.
- Solved: MDI tabs disappeared when aborting full screen with 'ESC'
- Solved: It was not possible to set breakpoints for inner classes.
- Solved: Improved algoritme for automatically inserting of the brackets.

- Solved: Added missing tags to the jsp code completion popup.
- Solved: A fix related to the jsp code completion.
- Solved: Performance improvements for handling large Java and XML files.
- Solved: Crash issue related to the search feature of the internal browser.
- Solved: Crash issue related to the setup wizard. (Windows® 98)
- Solved: Incorrect location of the cursor after splitting a window
- Solved: Popups won't work any more if the context menu of the editor has the focus.

- Solved: Performance issue regarding the editing of JSP and XML documents.
- Solved: The parameter-completion didn't work in combination with the auto insertion of brackets.
- Solved: The auto insertion of brackets can now be disabled in the code-completion option pane,
- Solved: Lookup issue in the File View caused by external modifications to the filesystem.
- Solved: Lookup issue related to the XML folding engine.
- Solved: The todo task items didn't always pointed to the correct line number.
- Solved: On some configurations the Trial period didn't work properly. It has been reset to 30 days.
- Solved: Several settings related to the workspace option pane were not stored correctly.
- Solved: Issue related to Find In Files.
- Solved: The output view also pop-upped when the capture option was disabled.
- Solved: In some cases the same file could appear multiple times in the File View.

- Solved: In some cases the folding engine ended in an infinite loop.
- Solved: Entering a slash in the JSP editor causes the application to hang temporary.
- Solved: In several situations the code-completion for JSP documents didn't work.
- Solved: Crash issue which occurred when the user closed a document via the MDI tabs.
- Solved: It was not possible to close the Debug toolbar.
- Solved: Implement interface wizard, the new methods didn't always had the correct modifier.
- Solved: The external browser option didn't work.
- Solved: Crash related to Find in Files, occurred when the result string included '%' characters.
- Solved: The login button of the cvs checkout wizard didn't not change after logging in.
- Solved: In some cases the wrong tab was selected when switch back from full screen.
- Solved: Starting the compiler now resets the error pointers in the documents.


- The syntax pane of the option dialog has a new button for importing settings from a syntax definition file.
- The Insert Bean Methods wizard has an optional feature for inserting documentation comments.
- The Java editor automatically inserts {} and () pairs.