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JCreator on CD

JCreator on CD is available through ShareIt only. The CD cannot be acquired without purchasing a license at the same time. To purchase the CD, select the order link from our pricing list and enable the 'CD on demand' checkbox.

JCreator on CD costs US$9.95, in addition to the cost of the JCreator license. Shipment by mail can take 3 to 8 business days within the EU and the USA and 10 to 25 business days in other countries and regions. You can use this CD as a backup copy of your product, for example: If you were to lose the downloaded product for any reason, you can again unlock the full version of the product at any time using the CD and the license key.

The CD contains the exact same setup file which you can download from the web site.

It is worthwhile checking for new updates as soon as you receive your CD, as the shipping delay may mean your CD is slightly out of date at the time of delivery.